Enzyme Cleanser

A three step cleansing product with a lovely gel consistency, that cleanses and exfoliates the dead skin cells without disrupting the pH balance in the skin. With this cleanser gel the moisture levels in the skin are increased and the blood circulation stimulated which helps the excretion of toxins. This will give your skin a clean and vital appearance.


Quicklift Mask

The mask creates an invisible network of firming ingredients to the skin. It lifts, tightens and smoothes the skin. Immediately after removing the mask, you achieve a visible result and the effect lasts up to 12 hours. Bio Active Mask Quick Lift will provide a more even skin tone and add a lot of skin moisture. This Cinderella mask can be used as often as you want and is suitable for all skin types. Fantastic base before make-up.


Instant Replenishment Complex

This is a special product in the Skin Science range, which saturates the skin with the skin's own antioxidants. Ampoules have been developed based on proven scientific efficacy to strengthen the skin while stimulating the skin. The product will help the skin recover quickly after performing different facial treatments, so that the skin is less irritated, red and sensitive, while the restoral of a proper pH of the skin.


Eye Contour Complex

This fast-absorbing eye cream works to specifically target dark circles and bags. The formulation of active agents provides maximum protection and stimulation with visible results. Moisture levels improved and lines are reduced. With this eye cream you take control of bags, dark circles and the early signs of aging.


Renewal Complex Cream

This unique combination of potent marine extracts, plant extracts and powerful antioxidants stimulates that skins own cells to produce more collagen. The formulation provides a higher production of collagen-producing cells that release collagen in the skin. With more elastin and collagen are built up from within the skin that gives skin more elasticity and volume.


Stimulating Serum

Our serum stimulates the skin renewal process through a pH friendly and effective exfoliation. In addition it provides effective and bioactive antioxidants that give the skin maximum stimulation and protection. The serum works deep in the skin helps uptake of active ingredients from the day- and nightcream.