The patented ingredients in the Skin Science range are unique and give quick results;


One of nature’s most powerful antioxidants that can be found in all cells in the body. Spermine is 30 times more effective than vitamin E and is documented to delay the cells aging process with 20%


The worlds only stable formulation of omega-3 in a skin cream. This ingredient balances moisture levels and increases the production of elastic fibres. Omega-3 is one of the most important fatty acids that we can add to our body.

Zonase X

Zonase X is a unique cocktail of ingredients found in the hatching fluid of the salmon. This ingredient exfoliates, balances and rebuilds the skin in a very effective and mild way.


Quicklift is an effective sugar polymer that gives a cosmetic facelift with instant effect. Quicklift forms an invisible web in the skin and instantly firms the skin up 47% lasting for up to 12 hours. LEX Lex is a unique extract from Norwegian marine biotechnology. The ingredient boosts the skins production of collagen. Lex is documented to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with up to 32% after 8 weeks.

User Guide

Skin Science is a skin care line of active, natural ingredients. Allergic reactions can occur with any type of skin care product. We therefore recommend that you take a little test on the forearm before starting our skin care program.